Reach anyone anywhere in the world.

Voice, messaging and development.

Point of presence
An International carrier connecting our partners to Europe and CIS.
We work with carefully selected network providers in the region, building strategic partnerships with direct number range operators in Europe and CIS

We offer high quality international voice termination services based on advanced technological solutions and managed by team of professional traders.


Growing your SMS traffic volumes on a monthly basis and increasing revenues with simple to use and effective SMS provisioning companies on the market.


Our team of experienced developers can build anything from simple applications to large-scale web based portals that will help in evolution of your industry, processes or communication.

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Foxcom will drive your product forward

Foxcom advanced technology solutions, combined with our international emerging market expertise, and our messaging industry know-how provide you with the tools, knowledge, and advantage to reach or optimize your reach to your client base.

After years of providing services and products to the telecommunication industry, Foxcom moved now a step forward and provides custom tailored solutions. We started in providing telecommunication solutions, but today we extended our portfolio and provide also social network solutions. These solutions are not as often claimed contra productive to the telecom business but can create a platform to create new customers.

Wholesale VoIP Services

We offer wholesale telephony services using conventional circuit-switched and IP telephony to directly connect our customers to local markets.

Bulk & Retail SMS

Foxcom makes it possible to achieve wide reach and low latency messaging via Foxcom’s direct routes.

Business Solutions

Developers can gain greatly by integrating our solutions into their software/applications, online businesses, and mobile applications.

Partner with us!
Partner with us!

Foxcom is permanently looking to expand its’ network of partners in the emerging telecom markets by offering its’ commercial and technical knowledge, collected for years’ productive work in this industry.

We are able to support our partners with necessary tools, equipment and background knowledge in order to power on new business opportunities and open new markets.

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